Buyer beware when appointing an SEO for your business!

Some SEOs use black-hat techniques to get youe site up the rankings very quickly.

Here at Internet Marketing Manchester, we use only white-hat methods.

I’m sure that you have heard of black-hat and white-hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques. Well you need to take care when appointing an SEO for your business. If your SEO uses black-hat techniques to get your site ranked highly in Google, you could soon find your business disappearing altogether from Google listings. Google is often quick to recognise the use of black-hat methods used on your website and will come back to bite you, costing you very, very dearly.

Black-hat methods include buying thousands of links to yor site, very cheaply, to give the impression of popularity of the website.  White-hat methods include building good content on your site to make the website genuinely popular, and getting others to link to it because it’s good.  Obviously, white hat methods take a lot more work and time but your website will benefit by building quality links and your position in Google rankings will be much safer.

Even giant – J C Penney were caught out using black-hat (see the full story here) so please, learn from this, and make sure that you’re not!

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