Why bother with Google+ and Circles?

If you are wondering why all the fuss is about Google+, please read on…

Basically, Google have created Google+ Pages and your business needs to have one!  Providing good, interesting content on a Google+ Page will help greatly with your search engine rankings.  This is because Google’s algorithms now take into account  +1 counts, which are integral in Google+.

As with Facebook,  you can have a personal Google+ proflie/page and another page you can use for your business.  I use my business page for Internet Marketing Manchester.  (Your posts can be much longer on Google+ than on Facebook which is fantastic and just what is needed for marketing purposes!)

Once you have created your page you will need to validate it by creating a Google+ badge and saving it on your website server.   You will find instructions on how to do this on Google+.  If you need any help please let us know.

Each page enables you to have a separate set of circles and different +1 articles. (See my earlier post on Circles).

After creating your brand page, add some interesting keyword rich posts.  You can then put customers into your customers circle and distribute your post!


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