SEO or PPC – do you wonder which one to go for?


Do you want to create an internet presence for your company?

Start Here 3 SEO or PPC   do you wonder which one to go for?

You know by now that the internet cannot be ignored as part of your business marketing strategy, but as well as there being millions of potential customers out there, there are also very, very many competitors! Having your own website is only the first step. You need to take additional steps to enable the online community to discover and access your website.  You have to invest in marketing your website.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Click) are two possible options which can enable you to get a piece of the Search Engine traffic.


Most internet users use Google’s search engine to find websites which meet their needs. SEO is used by webmasters to enable searchers to find your website ranking highly in the top results for a particular keyword or phrase. To optimise your site for search engines, you need to continually work on building website links from other websites.

HIgh ranking in Google means you can get free traffic to your website but it takes a great deal of time, to reach and convert your potential customers. SEO is a long term process. It takes at least 3-6 months to achieve the outcome you want.  Once you get there it can bring you customers and profits.


PPC is paid advertising on a search engine such as Google.  The sponsored listings at the top and side of the page when you search are PPC ads.  The advertiser is charged every time a visitor clicks on an ad.  There is a bidding process – the highest bidder gets listed highest in the search results. Most PPC organisations allow advertisers to target particular markets, by industry, topic or location. You can monitor whether or not ad gets seen  and whether it is competitive with the others.

Some Benefits of PPC

1.  Advertise to the world wide web community

2.  Resonably easy to set up.

3.  Qualified, targeted traffic.

4.  Only pay when someone visits site.

PPC looks expensive. Someone might keep clicking on your ad, might they?  Then you would get a huge bill without the corresponding profitt.  Networks can recognize fraudulent clicks so this shouldn’t happen. You can set a budget for a set period. Once your budget has been used up, your ads won’t be displayed until the new budget period. You can adapt to changes in market demands and trends.

In deciding which of the two strategies will work best for you, think about your requirements and budget. There are pros and cons for both methods. Your short term and long term plans have to be considered. Use PPC for short term goals and SEO for the longer term.  consider the options before deciding on the method.

More to follow on PPC and SEO

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Do you want to create an internet presence for your company?

Start Here 3 SEO or PPC   do you wonder which one to go for?

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Your website needs continuous improvement!

Is your website constantly evolving and improving?

If not, it needs to be!

It makes sense to constantly improve your website, rather than to have to completely redesign it every two or three years.

For example, if your website does not have a Lead Generation box to capture visitors contact details, then you are really missing a trick!

Contact us now for a free consultation!

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Buyer beware when appointing an SEO for your business!

Some SEOs use black-hat techniques to get youe site up the rankings very quickly.

Here at Internet Marketing Manchester, we use only white-hat methods.

I’m sure that you have heard of black-hat and white-hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques. Well you need to take care when appointing an SEO for your business. If your SEO uses black-hat techniques to get your site ranked highly in Google, you could soon find your business disappearing altogether from Google listings. Google is often quick to recognise the use of black-hat methods used on your website and will come back to bite you, costing you very, very dearly.

Black-hat methods include buying thousands of links to yor site, very cheaply, to give the impression of popularity of the website.  White-hat methods include building good content on your site to make the website genuinely popular, and getting others to link to it because it’s good.  Obviously, white hat methods take a lot more work and time but your website will benefit by building quality links and your position in Google rankings will be much safer.

Even giant – J C Penney were caught out using black-hat (see the full story here) so please, learn from this, and make sure that you’re not!

Contact Internet Marketing Manchester for your free consultation now!



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New Facebook Timeline Page

Can I ask a favour? Have you seen the new Internet Marketing Manchester Timeline page on Facebook here ? Please take a look and “Like” it. If you don’t like it please let me know how you think it could be improved. Thanks very much for your help in advance.

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Link Baiting

Link Baiting can be a very useful strategy for getting visitors to your website, it is also recommended by Matt Cutts of Google.

What is Link Baiting?

Basically, it consists of creating good content on your site or blog which is interesting enough to cause people to want to visit your site regularly to read more and to share or discuss it with others online!   As an example, this could be the interesting results of some research you have conducted to help yourself initially and now want to tell others about it.

So, the bottom line is – Think hard about what you can do to grab people’s attention and cause a bit of a stir – whether it be informative, controversial or entertaining and write about it!

If you would like a free consultation about improving your “Internet Presence” please contact us.  We can offer article writing services to help you with your Link Baiting, in case you don’t have the time.




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Link Building: Steps

Link Building is very important when it comes to Google and other search engines.  Your website is partly judged by the number and the quality of links to your site from others.

We offer Link Building Services which consist of the following steps:

1.    Website analysis.

2.    Keyword research,  creation of anchor texts (the clickable words of a hyperlink),  text links (links which often take user to another page of the site or anther place on the same page) and link descriptions which will be used to carry out the link building campaign.

3.   Contact webmasters of the chosen websites and send them requests by email.

4.   Detailed report for your information.





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Social Media Marketing: New Facebook Timeline Page Needs Branding

Social Media Marketing > Facebook Pages:  After having creating branded  “Welcome” and “Thanks for Liking” pages, Facebook have now brought out their new “Timeline” pages which will need to be branded for your business.

See the Internet Marketing Manchester timeline page for example.

From now on your Welcome page can only be seen by going to the timeline page and clicking the Welcome icon OR  by giving a users a link like the one below which takes you straight to the welcome page of Internet Marketing Manchester!

If you want some help branding your Facebook Timeline please use our contact form or call Julie on 07798 654219.

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Web Design: Keeping It Simple is the best policy

Web Design – Simplicity – Always limit choices to maximum of four.

It has been proven time and time again that simplicity in Web Design, as for so many other things, is the best policy.  Offering your visitor too many choices has the effect of sending them scuttling away without doing anything at all!

Having ONLY the necessary pages and links on your website, not only looks good, but will create a much more user friendly experience!

Contact Internet Marketing Manchester now for a Free Consultation on your Web Design requirements!



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Laughter is the best medicine!

I had a very interesting experience last night when I went to a health and fitness class.

There was a session about laughing and how great it is for body and soul!

Apparently, benefits include weight loss and relief from stress, it’s better than taking anti-depressants.

We should all laugh a lot more than we do – babies laugh as much as 300 times a day – so what happened to us?

Funnily enough, our bodies can’t tell the difference between genuine laughter and false laughter so you can get the benefits without having to find anything funny to laugh about. In theory, once you start false laughter, it often turns into real laughter and you might even start enjoying it.

Lots of laughter classes are now springing up around the country and even businesses are using them to dramatically improve their results!

So find a class in your area and go and have a good laugh, you’ll feel a lot better for it!

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Social Media Marketing: 68% of Global Chief Marketing Officers Unprepared

A recent study by IBM showed that most CMOs are feeling challenged by the fast growth of Social Media Marketing and the “data explosion” in marketing!

Is your business prepared? If you feel the need for help, talk to us and we will help you to prepare your Social Media Marketing Strategy!

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