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Our Web Designteam are happy to work with you and our customers to date have been extremely pleased with the results!

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Lead Capture System – Are you getting lots of visitors to your website that aren’t converting to customers?

Having a website is only the second step in online marketing for your business.

(The first step is Keyword Research which must be done before building your site.)

Thirdly you must drive traffic to your website, there are many traffic building techniques you can use to do this including SEO, Mobile Marketing, Social Media  Marketing, Video Marketing, Link Building, Offline Advertising, etc.

Once you get visitors to your site, you need to convert them to leads, you need a Lead Capture System.  Once they’ve left their email address you can send them offers, newletters, etc. and turn them into potential customers.

In case you don’t know, Lead Capture is the box which asks you for your name and email address when you visit a site.  (Not to be confused with Contact Form, which you should also have on your site).   To make the most of your Lead Capture System, you should make them an offer in return for leaving their details.  Eg. A special offer, a discount code.  If they then convert to a life-long customer, it will be well worth it!

You’ve all heard the saying “The money is in the list”, well this is the system they use to build their lists and you should use to build YOUR list.

Please contact us if you would like our help to implement a Lead Capture System by completing the contact form on this website or give us a call on 07798 654219.

We always focus on customer satisfaction.

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Win a Video Presentation for your Manchester or East Cheshire business:

Starting on 1st February, every month we are giving Greater Manchester and East Cheshire companies the chance to win a free video of you or your employee(s) introducing your company – up to 5 minutes and we will submit it to Youtube and upload it to your website free of charge.

Videos are a great help in improving your ranking on Google!

To enter go to “Internet Marketing Manchester” page on Facebook, “Like” us and look for the monthly question.  Leave your answer as a comment on our Facebook page.

The February competition opens today, 31 January2012 at 15.30pm and ends at midnight on 29th February 2012;

One winning entry will be chosen each month. Thw winner will be announced on Facebook during the first week of March 2012.
We reserve the right to withdraw this competition at any time.

The judges decision will be final.


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Why bother with Google+ and Circles?

If you are wondering why all the fuss is about Google+, please read on…

Basically, Google have created Google+ Pages and your business needs to have one!  Providing good, interesting content on a Google+ Page will help greatly with your search engine rankings.  This is because Google’s algorithms now take into account  +1 counts, which are integral in Google+.

As with Facebook,  you can have a personal Google+ proflie/page and another page you can use for your business.  I use my business page for Internet Marketing Manchester.  (Your posts can be much longer on Google+ than on Facebook which is fantastic and just what is needed for marketing purposes!)

Once you have created your page you will need to validate it by creating a Google+ badge and saving it on your website server.   You will find instructions on how to do this on Google+.  If you need any help please let us know.

Each page enables you to have a separate set of circles and different +1 articles. (See my earlier post on Circles).

After creating your brand page, add some interesting keyword rich posts.  You can then put customers into your customers circle and distribute your post!


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What are Google Circles?

What are Google Circles?

Google is always adding something new, sometimes it’s hard to get your head around what all these things are for!  Circles are now central to Google functionality and the more of Google you can make use of, the more it will help with managing your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

We all have many different groups of people in our lives – groups of friends, family, customers, suppliers, business networkers, colleagues, etc. We are often likely to want to share posts with one group of people at a time, sharing photos, etc. but not the others.   As in your real life relationships, Circles lets you decide who you want to share things with.  Also, the contacts in your Circles won’t be able to see which group (or Circle) they are in!

Another advantage is that you only need look at each Circle when you want to, so when you’re very busy you can prioritise.

You can set up your Circles on Google+ .

This is very important to you when you’re marketing your business these days because Google’ s algorithms for search rankings are now strongly influenced by your website or post’s +1 count.  Therefore, your +1 count is will become very important in getting your content seen!  +1s are built into Google+, so you need to add posts there  or miss out on clicks and your ranking could be affected.  The overall message from this is that you need to have a presence on Google+ to compete with your competitors on the internet market.



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Social Media Marketing -Testing Link from Blog to Google + Business Page via Twitter

Test failed.  Apparently at the moment you can ony post from Google+ to Twitter, not the other way round.

This is s further test to post from Blog to Google+ to Twitter.



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Social Media Marketing -Testing Link from Blog to Google + Business Page via Twitter

Just testing automatic posting of my blog to the new Google+ Business Page via Twitter.

Have you heard about the new Google+ Business Pages which only started this month? They’re very similar to Facebook Pages (which replaced the old Fan Pages). If you’ve not yet grabbed and validated your Google+ Business Page, then you should do it right now (before somebody else does) as it will help greatly with your Search Engine Optimisation!

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Networkers in Manchester

It was great to meet those of you that were networking at Tiger Tiger in Manchester today.  Hoping we can all meet again at some point in the future via East Cheshire Business Group or Manchester Business Group on LinkedIn!  It was a very enjoyable day. Many thanks to the organisers.

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Social Media Marketing – Does Google use data from social sites such as Facebook and Twitter in ranking?

If you have been wondering how posts on Facebook and Twitter can help with your ranking on Google, then here’s Matt Cutts from Google with the answer:


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New East Cheshire Business Group started on LinkedIn

Internet Marketing Manchester created a LinkedIn group named  East Cheshire Business Group. Please LinkIn for networking and socialising if you are  interested in joining…

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