Keyword Reseach: Keywords Really are Key to your success!

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 If you were looking for a business like yours on Google, what would you type into the search box?   This question is the key to your online business.  If you want to find customers on the internet then Keyword Research is the foundation stone to building a successful website! Keyword Research is Step 1!

At Internet Marketing Manchester we always insist on doing Keyword Research before setting up a website.

Keyword Research involves finding keywords which are:

1. Highly relevant to what you are offering on your website. If you are offering something which isn’t absolutely relevant to your keywords your ranking on Google may very well fall.  This is because when users arrive on your site they will very quickly see that your site isn’t offering exactly what they are looking for and will leave, as fast as they came.  Google views this badly and reasons that your site just isn’t giving users a good experience, so down you go.  If your site is relevant to your keywords and the user stays on your site for a few minutes, your ranking on Google will improve!  So please make sure your site does exactly what it says on the tin!

2.  In the correct order.  Sometimes, during your Keyword Research you may find keywords or phrases which look as though they get good numbers of visitors but which are shown by Google in the wrong order.  So for example you might find a keyword phrase like "resolution dispute"which looks like it has a high number of searches, but in actual fact people are searching for "dispute resolution" so you could easily choose the wrong keyword to build your business around.

3.  Bringing lots of traffic.  ie.  A high volume of users are searching for your keywords on a daily basis.

4.  Reasonably low in competition both in number of competitors and strength of competitors.

How can you find all the necessary figures simply and easily?

You can do your Keyword Research yourself  using this ESSENTIAL tool  Market SamuraiGet your free copy here!



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