Lead Generation System: Website visitors aren’t converting

At Internet Marketing Manchester we absolutely insist on the use of a Lead Generation System on your website (also known as an opt-in box).  

The Lead Generation System consists of the box which you are often asked to complete with your name and email address when you visit a website.  (Not to be confused with Contact Form, which you should also have on your site). 

Behind the name collection box sits an emailing system.  An automatic response will be sent  out requesting confirmation of opt-in. 

A pre-written series of emails can also be sent out at specified intervals, if required.

To make the most of your Lead Generation System, you could make visitors an offer to encourage them to leave their details. E.g. You could offer them a free gift or a discount code.

Once the visitor leaves their details you will be able to keep in touch with them.

You’ve heard the saying “The money is in the list”, well this is the system business owners use to build their lists.  

Please contact us if you would like our help to implement a Lead Generation System by completing the contact form on this website or give us a call on 07798 654219. We always focus on customer satisfaction.

Step 1 in building your internet presence is Keyword Research which must always be done before building your site.

Step 2 is building a website.

Step 3 you must drive traffic to your website, there are many traffic building techniques you can use to do this including SEO, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Link Building, Offline Advertising, etc.

Step 4 is to keep visitors to your site interested and convert them to leads.

You need a Lead Generation System.  Once visitors have left their email address you can send them offers, newsletters, etc. and turn them into potential customers.

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