Link Baiting

Link Baiting can be a very useful strategy for getting visitors to your website, it is also recommended by Matt Cutts of Google.

What is Link Baiting?

Basically, it consists of creating good content on your site or blog which is interesting enough to cause people to want to visit your site regularly to read more and to share or discuss it with others online!   As an example, this could be the interesting results of some research you have conducted to help yourself initially and now want to tell others about it.

So, the bottom line is – Think hard about what you can do to grab people’s attention and cause a bit of a stir – whether it be informative, controversial or entertaining and write about it!

If you would like a free consultation about improving your “Internet Presence” please contact us.  We can offer article writing services to help you with your Link Baiting, in case you don’t have the time.




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