Mobile Marketing – The future of Marketing is Smartphones!

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Mobile Marketing is becoming more and more important as consumers are often using their Smartphones  to search for and buy the things that they want -  Especially when they go shopping (and they are ready to buy)! This trend is growing massively so the power of mobile marketing must not be underestimated!

Are you tapping into this massive audience to market your business?  The future is here!

Almost everyone these days has a mobile and the great thing is that they carry it around with them all of the time.  A rapidly increasing number of mobile users are also able to browse the internet from their phones.

There are very many ways you can market to mobiles…like sending text messages for example. 

Often you are asked to send competition entries, etc. via text to a code number.  This is another form of Mobile Marketing.  Offline advertising methods often encourage people to send text messages as many mobile users find this easier than other methods of communication.

After seeing traditional advertisements SMS messaging and social media interaction online are becoming the norm.  It is critically important to think about this when planning  your own marketing campaign these days.

You can use Mobile Marketing to increase brand awareness, generate new leads, market to your existing customer, send out texts to let them know about special offers and keep customers updated.  You can also increase your sales revenue to existing clients.  If for example you are a dentist, you can remind your patients that they are due for a check up and  at the same time offer them a discount on teeth whitening or another product/service.   

Building an "App" for your business is a great way to build brand awareness and engage with potential customers.

As with other marketing campaigns you first need to establish exactly what you are looking to achieve with your mobile marketing campaign and then decide on the best way to get there.

Some possibities are:

  • Sending reminders of due date for servicing or check ups – eg. garages, plumbers and dentists
  • Promoting special offers to your customer base
  • Reminding customers of appointments

There are great opportunities for traditional businesses to stay in contact and promote their services to existing customers and encourage loyalty.

Your Mobile Marketing planning should include details such as:

  • target audience including gender, age group, location
  • product or service
  • objective eg. brand awareness, list building, selling additional services to existing customers
  • method of promoting eg. bluetooth,SMS, offline advertising, online advertising
  • method of tracking results
  • special offers
  • measurement of results

For guidelines from the Mobile Marketing Association take a look at and check to make sure you comply with the messaging rules.

 For Effective Internet Marketing ManchesterContact Internet Marketing Manchester 


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