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Online advertising services including effective SEO and web design are necessary to advertise your business and to build an internet presenceOnline advertising can be expensive, but the Return on Investment (ROI) should outweigh the costs (if your business is in good shape otherwise).  At Internet Marketing Manchester prices for online advertising services are always very competitive. We currently assist clients with online advertising services such as web design, SEO, and other services as follows:

Keyword Research - Find specific keyword to suit products and services. The first step of creating an Internet Presence includes keyword research to find those words are relevant to your product or service, which your ideal clients are searching for and which have least competition.

Domain Name Purchase and Hosting of Your Website - We can research and purchase an appropriate Domain Name for your business which must be paid for 2 years in advance from £10.  We provide free hosting for 3 months, after which the charge will be from £15 including basic site maintenance.

Website Building - Your business must have a website in order to stay in business and join the internet revolution.  Set up, installation and customisation of your WordPress website is the second step. Examples: Charges for this service are dependent on the size and complexity of the website:


  • Basic 2-6 page Lead Generation site costs between: £200 – £500
  • Multi-page Corporate site: £500 – £2000
  • Ecommerce site (Sites where products are purchased online): Costs vary dependent on the nature of the business, number of products, etc.

Promotion of website: It’s our goal at Internet Marketing Manchester, as the third step of creating an Internet Presence for your company, to push your website high up in Google rankings for a predetermined keyword or keyword phrase so that people will find your site.  As an online advertising agency, that is our aim. 

Even if you already have a website which isn’t working for you Internet Marketing Manchester can still promote it for you.  However, Internet Marketing Manchester works only with WordPress websites due to its great benefits.

Website Promotions to Maintain Google Rankings – On-going maintenance of your Internet Presence by Search Engine Optimisation (  SEO ) or Search Engine Marketing  ( SEM  ) may be required as the requirements of  Google and the advertising  of your competition are constantly changing so positioning on Google needs to be maintained.

Also, links which have been built during the set up process will need to be refreshed at least every 3 months. In order to rank highly on Google for your keywords a lot of effort is required and this can be very time-consuming.  The site will need to be listed in multiple directories, the content has to be submitted to networks of sites. 

Articles and blog posts must be written and submitted.   Videos must be created and submitted to many video sites and networks. Once your Google ranking is achieved, the momentum needs to be continued in order to maintain the position. 

Internet Marketing Manchester can offer an ongoing service to do this for you. Costs can vary from £50 to £1000 per month dependent on your requirements and may include any of the following tasks which can be used as and when appropriate:

Link Building (or Backlink Creation) – Building of natural links from other websites which can dramatically improve your search engine ranking.

Google Local Submission is provided free of charge as a bonus to all our clients.

Article Writing and Submission - Google requires fresh content to give its users the best possible experience when searching on the internet so it is important to keep the site updated with articles, additional pages, etc.  We can do this for you, tailored to your advertising budget and requirements.  This work involves research and creation of articles, account setup for article submission sites and submission of articles to article submission sites.

Lead Generation – ( Opt-in or Lead Generation ) When potential customers find your website, they need to be given a "Call of Action" e.g. an offer or gift in return for leaving their email address.  You (or we, on your behalf) will then be able to build a relationship with then by creating an email marketing campaign – sending newsletters, special offers, vouchers, freebies, etc.  to keep them interested in your products and services.

Typical cost of this service: Write email marketing campaign £200-£1000. Set up and maintain autoresponder system £50 – £500 per month recurring.

Pay Per Click Set Up – Also known as PPC.  This is a method of paid advertising whereby you only pay when people search for your services and click on your advertisement or targeted advertising.  This is a more cost efficient way of advertising as you will only pay when potential customers are looking for and are interested enough to click on the advertisement and through to your site. With Google Adwords you now can do geographic targeting, so you can laser target your local market. Typical charges for this service are £500 set up fee + 15% of monthly market spend.

Social Media Marketing and ManagementSocial media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are now being used as a marketing medium for companies.  Your turnover and profits could be greatly improved by creating and maintaining a presence on social media sites.  We can provide the following Social Marketing Services:

  • Facebook - Profile creation, Fan page creation, fan recruitment and content management.
  • Twitter - Profile set up, build targeted followers, manage Tweet strategy, posting and updates.
  •  LinkedIn - Profile Setup, Build Connections, Manage Participation In Groups and Answers
  • You Tube - Channel creation and management.
  • Blog and Forum Posting – Research and Participation In Strategic Blogs and Forums - Research of relevant blogs to participate in and make a list of 50-100 sites, Blog – participation and relationship/credibility building, research relevant Forums to participate in and make a list of 25 sites to join, Forums – participation and relationship/credibility building.

Typical charges for this service are £200 – £1000 per month recurring.

Video Marketing - Creation of script and videos, account setup for video site submission, submission to video sites manually or by using distribution tools.  E.g. Traffic Geyser and Tube Mogul.

  • Keypoint 1: Video Marketing is growing rapidly on the internet. Videos can be either introducing the site and its benefits and or perhaps showing some of the products or services on offer.  If you are in the Manchester or Cheshire area contact us now for a free consultation on 07798 654219!   See some of the videos that we have produced for our clients on Internet Marketing Manchester Blog.
  • Keypoint 2: We can do live videos at your business premises and record whatever fits your requirements.  Be it an interview and/or your products, showcasing your business or services for you.  NB. If you sell your "knowledge" as your business, we can even work with you to create a set of information videos which can be sold as a product on the website!

Classified Ad Sites Posting - Research classified blog sites for posting, create ad copy to use, create accounts in classified ad sites, post ads to classified ad sites, maintain, update and renewal posting. Press Releases - Setup of 20 PR site accounts, creation of press releases, submission of press releases to PR submission sites.

Directory Submissions - research and creating a list of 150 valid submission sites to use, setup of accounts for directory listing submission, directory listing submission.

Admin Duties – VA Roles: Email management, answering service to include:

  • Research of affiliate products
  • Research of competition
  • Research for information involving your market segment
  • Customer service ticket support and assistance

Blog Building - Research and creation of blog content, account setup for blog sites/mini sites, submission of sitemap, pinging of site and sitemap.

Monthly Reports – Google analytics monthly report output and analysis. Web Development, Design and Graphic Design -

  • Creation of banner ad
  • Lead Generation (Opt -in) box graphic and integration into site
  • HTML mini sites
  • Creation of web buttons
  • Creation of header and footer images
  • Creation of box and package images such as CDs, DVD, books and ebook covers
  • Layout of newsletters, magazines for print
  • Layout of brochures, flyers and postcards for print and online
  • Logo design
  • Adding content to blog or website
  • Adding products to online store
  • Creating graphics for website or blog

Google Analytics – Google has its own tracking system which tracks statistics for the website, where the visitors are coming from, how they found your site, how long they spend on the site and what action they take.  Monthly reports can be provided.

At your free consultation Internet Marketing Manchester will look to find out which Online Advertising services could be helpful to your business.

Contact Internet Marketing Manchester  for assistance with all your Online Advertising requirements.


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