PPC1: Why use PPC – Pay Per Click?


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Internet Marketing Manchester recommends PPC Search Engine Advertising is a Great Value way to Advertise Your Business –

PPC or Pay Per Click search engine advertising is a very affordable form of advertising for your business. PPC search engine advertising can be used to produce new leads, helping potential buyers to find the website that will provide them with whatever it is that they are looking for, product, service or information.  Information is valuable in PPC search engine advertising, but it is often forgotten or overlooked by webmasters.  Users are often quite likely to buy products or services from a company that has provided them with helpful or necessary information they needed earlier. PPC Advertising Brings You Qualified Traffic A great benefit of PPC search engine advertising – traffic to a website is pre-qualified. Visitors clicking on a PPC ad are searching for a something in particular.  This fact helps to prevent unnecessary clicks from non-prospective buyers that will cost you money, rather than bring you profits. PPC search engine advertising is one of the fastest ways to get customers and a reasonable return on investment. A bidding process establishes the price of a specific keyword.   Budgets for PPC search engine advertising can be anywhere between £100 to £100,000 depending on many factors, one being the number of keywords used. If more and more sites bid for the same keyword, this can cause the prices to jump up within minutes but your pre-set budget won’t be exceeded.  More to follow about PPC.

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