SEO Copywriting – The Great Tool Everyone is Talking About

SEO Copywriting can be very frustrating, can’t it?  Writing good content that pleases both people and search engines can be so difficult!

Here at Internet Marketing Manchester we’ve discovered a great tool that helps massively with  SEO Copywriting and saves lots of time!

Scribe SEO helps you to find the right keywords, and write much better SEO optimised content that both readers and search engines will like.

Basically, after writing content for your page article or blog post, the software analyses it for keywords, SEO optimisation and gives a % score with details of the issues.

This analysis enables you to find and fix the problems, then reanalyse until you achieve a great score.

Optimised pages, articles and blog posts perform much better in search engine rankings and will help your site to move higher up.

Scribe SEO also provides you with details of websites and blogs where a link to your site/topic would be appropriate. Then you can get to work on putting your link in there

For a limited period for subscribers to our newsletter, I can offer to run your page or article through Scribe SEO for only £5.00 adninistration fee per analysis, just to let you try it out.

The usual cost of the software is from $17 to $97 per month and there are various plans.

However by using promo code STEPUP you will be upgraded to the next plan up free of charge.  Then,  it could be well worth going for the Advanced Level for only $47 per month which is less than half the usual price!  It depends how much you will be using it of course but it really is a great tool  and comes highly recommended.

Here is the link Scribe SEO.

Alternatively, if you want to try it out for a fiver please send us an email via our Contact form.

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