SEO or PPC – do you wonder which one to go for?


Do you want to create an internet presence for your company?

 SEO or PPC   do you wonder which one to go for?

You know by now that the internet cannot be ignored as part of your business marketing strategy, but as well as there being millions of potential customers out there, there are also very, very many competitors! Having your own website is only the first step. You need to take additional steps to enable the online community to discover and access your website.  You have to invest in marketing your website.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay per Click) are two possible options which can enable you to get a piece of the Search Engine traffic.


Most internet users use Google’s search engine to find websites which meet their needs. SEO is used by webmasters to enable searchers to find your website ranking highly in the top results for a particular keyword or phrase. To optimise your site for search engines, you need to continually work on building website links from other websites.

HIgh ranking in Google means you can get free traffic to your website but it takes a great deal of time, to reach and convert your potential customers. SEO is a long term process. It takes at least 3-6 months to achieve the outcome you want.  Once you get there it can bring you customers and profits.


PPC is paid advertising on a search engine such as Google.  The sponsored listings at the top and side of the page when you search are PPC ads.  The advertiser is charged every time a visitor clicks on an ad.  There is a bidding process – the highest bidder gets listed highest in the search results. Most PPC organisations allow advertisers to target particular markets, by industry, topic or location. You can monitor whether or not ad gets seen  and whether it is competitive with the others.

Some Benefits of PPC

1.  Advertise to the world wide web community

2.  Resonably easy to set up.

3.  Qualified, targeted traffic.

4.  Only pay when someone visits site.

PPC looks expensive. Someone might keep clicking on your ad, might they?  Then you would get a huge bill without the corresponding profitt.  Networks can recognize fraudulent clicks so this shouldn’t happen. You can set a budget for a set period. Once your budget has been used up, your ads won’t be displayed until the new budget period. You can adapt to changes in market demands and trends.

In deciding which of the two strategies will work best for you, think about your requirements and budget. There are pros and cons for both methods. Your short term and long term plans have to be considered. Use PPC for short term goals and SEO for the longer term.  consider the options before deciding on the method.

More to follow on PPC and SEO

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