Social Media Marketing – Are you confused?

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Social Media Marketing

Are you finding it difficult to understand how Social Media Marketing actually works? 

It doesn’t take a genius to know that two of the biggest Social Media Networks are Twitter and Facebook, so for starters let’s just take these two!

If you only go on Facebook and Twitter your efforts will be concentrated and you can make a much bigger impact more easily.  You can create a much greater Social Media presence than if you spread your efforts across more Social Media sites!

Social Media Tips Social Media Marketing   Are you confused?

 Facebook:  Every time you comment or post to a friend’s wall ALL your Facebook friends and their friends will see it!

Invite people to join you – then make comments on their posts and pictures, talk about things that interest them and, where appropriate, post your domain name.  Always be discreet and tactful with it, not heavy handed.  You can make status updates telling friends what you are doing and ask them to give opinions, etc. about your website now and again.

Write blog posts full of useful information, bullet points, pictures, videos and helpful tips using keywords and FK scoring. You can also use Scribe SEO to help you and providing you are using a WordPress blog your website ranking should start to improve.  (For further information on creating a WordPress blog contact Internet Marketing Manchester for help).  Try to be creative and create excitement about visiting your website!

If your business is about dog training materials or information, then search for and join/follow Facebook Groups and pages about:

  • Training Dogs
  • Buy a Puppy
  • Obedience Training

Do your keyword research to help you find groups.

The people in these groups are your ideal customers! just ready and waiting for your help! As before you will need to use tact and ingenuity to earn their trust before recommending your link.  Treat them with the same kindness and respect as you would treat your family and friends.  Tell them a bit about yourself, as you would when you first meet people in person and ask them about themselves.  Everyone likes to talk about themselves.  "Themselves" is most people’s favourite topic of conversation remember! wink smile Social Media Marketing   Are you confused?


Twitter: Follow people who are in targeted groups relating to your niche.  They will often follow you back. Tweet often about what you’re doing in your business. Every six or so tweets you can promote your links.

 In all cases, don’t recommend your link to them without giving them a good reason to go there – when the time is right of course.  Always make sure there is a "Call to Action" on your website to capture their email address in exchange for a free gift of something which is relevant to them.

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