Social Network Marketing – How to use Facebook, Twitter and othe Social Networking Sites effectively

If you’re new to Social Network Marketing then you might be interested to know some of the basics and how it all fits together so it is my intention here to give you a few of the facts…

First of all you will need to set up accounts in TwitterFacebook  and LinkedIn plus any other Social Media sites which you want to join.

If you don’t have a website can be used to distribute your blog to your various networking accounts.   If you have a website you can use Onlywire to upload your blog.

Twitter can be linked directly to your Facebook and LinkedIn , then both of these sites are updated automatically after posting to Twitter,

Facebook and Twitter can be extremely effective business tools if you know how to make use of them correctly.  If you post articles on things which people are searching for and are interested in, people will find you through the use of keywords, then hopefully “Like” or “Follow”  you.   Your future posts will then appear on their wall where they will be seen by all your fans friends, who may also “Like”  your page.  This is Viral Marketing at it’s best.  The key is to post interesting blogs using Keywords which others are searching for .

You must use your time effectively by generating friends through the creation of interesting content.  Once you have friends, fans or followers you must communicate with them through Posts, Private Messages, or Live Chat but the important part is the keywords within the content that will bring more followers or fans to your site.  As long as you keep posting regularly  and communicating with helpful, useful information,  they will get to know you and you will build trust, which is extremely important on the internet.  The next step is to take the fans offline which means getting people to call you or contact you directly to negotiate and maybe do business together.

This post will be updated over the coming days with information on this subject.  Please check back regularly for updates on this and other subjects.

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