Time Management Reduces Stress & Helps You Reclaim Your Life!

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Inadequate Time Management causes stress.  This can, in the long run, be detrimental to your health and the welfare of you and your family!

Here, at Internet Marketing Manchester, we always find that there is SO MUCH TO DO!  We could easily fill each and every day, including every hour God sends if we’re not careful.  If you are the same, you might find you’re just not looking after yourself properly – not getting enough exercise, not eating the right foods, not drinking enough (or drinking too ,much, as the case may be! teeth smile Time Management Reduces Stress & Helps You Reclaim Your Life!), the list goes on and on!

We’ve now made it a priority at Internet Marketing Manchester to manage our time successfully.

If Time Management, or lack of it, is a worrying issue for you please read on…

Just remember this – YOU come first!  If you don’t look after yourself then nobody else is going to do it for you.  Life will go on for others after you’ve left this planet, so please get the balance right – and start to enjoy life as you were meant to by Managing Your Time!  Your Time Is Your Life, It’s The Most Precious Thing You Have – Please Don’t Waste It!

The key to Time Management is to realise that you’ve got to limit the time you spend working and the only way you can do this is to prioritise the things you want to achieve each day and set yourself a time limit to get jobs done.

AVOIDING DISTRACTIONS – It’s so easy these days to be easily distracted from what you are doing, there’s the telephone, email, the internet – so very many things to cause you to get diverted.  You may well end up getting nothing done at all, if you’re not careful.

If you seriously want to reclaim your life you have to be disciplined.  Some things which are really helpful (as we’ve learnt from experience at Internet Marketing Manchester) are:

  • Decide on working hours which fit in with your business and lifestyle AND STICK TO THEM. 
  • Limit incoming phone calls during working hours by using an answering machine.
  • Only look at emails during a certain period each day.
  • Set aside a suitable time each day to take exercise.
  • Take an hour out at lunchtime and deal with any personal jobs that you need to do, such as making a dental appointment.
  • Schedule in and take regular short breaks.
  • Think seriously about whether there is any part of your business which you are spending time doing yourself but which you can outsource such as book-keeping or marketing.  Don’t try to do it all yourself!
  • If you have to do your own cleaning, etc.  – get a cleaner!  You’ll be helping to create jobs and keep the economy running instead of giving yourself a breakdown!

Just think of the wonderful life you could be having if you sort out your own Time Management Strategy!

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