Web Design: Why WordPress, Why Expert WordPress?

Do you want a website, but are totally confused by all the different options available and don’t know which way to turn?

Well, the first thing you’ll need to think about before creating your blog or website is your Keyword Research using Market Samurai. Doing your keyword research using this tool is highly recommended, if not ESSENTIAL!

Once this is done and you’ve got an idea of the best words to use in your domain name. you can buy your domain at Easy1and 1 where you’ll find great prices and deals!

For hosting you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone better than the award winning Hostgator - they provide Web Hosting at its best and come highly recommended by many Pros!

Next,  you have to decide how to build your website.  Of course many of the options have their good points but our favourite at Internet Marketing Manchester is, without doubt WordPress

Ah WordPress!  We love it!


  • Search engines such as Google love it and can find their way around it very easily.  This helps a enormously when it comes to getting listed and ranking highly in Google. We always use the Expert WordPress theme which is particularly good for this and also to prevent hackers. Read more about its advantages here Expert WordPress.
  • It’s so easy to learn to use and Expert WordPress provide free lessons.
  • WordPress is so adaptable with it’s vast array of plug ins which can help you to achieve almost anything you want!

Building your website is just the start of marketing your business, the website should then be used in all your marketing efforts and whilst creating your internet presence such as Social Media Marketing.

Hopefully this article will give you more of an idea of how to start building your blog.  Please use the affiliate links above to help pay for providing this blog and the very useful information  we provide on this website.  It won’t cost any more than if you go to them directly and will help us to continue running this website.


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 Web Design: Why Wordpress, Why Expert Wordpress?


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