What are Google Circles?

What are Google Circles?

Google is always adding something new, sometimes it’s hard to get your head around what all these things are for!  Circles are now central to Google functionality and the more of Google you can make use of, the more it will help with managing your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

We all have many different groups of people in our lives – groups of friends, family, customers, suppliers, business networkers, colleagues, etc. We are often likely to want to share posts with one group of people at a time, sharing photos, etc. but not the others.   As in your real life relationships, Circles lets you decide who you want to share things with.  Also, the contacts in your Circles won’t be able to see which group (or Circle) they are in!

Another advantage is that you only need look at each Circle when you want to, so when you’re very busy you can prioritise.

You can set up your Circles on Google+ .

This is very important to you when you’re marketing your business these days because Google’ s algorithms for search rankings are now strongly influenced by your website or post’s +1 count.  Therefore, your +1 count is will become very important in getting your content seen!  +1s are built into Google+, so you need to add posts there  or miss out on clicks and your ranking could be affected.  The overall message from this is that you need to have a presence on Google+ to compete with your competitors on the internet market.



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